Metal Test UK  is staffed by technicians who are highly experienced, skilled, and thoroughly knowledgeable of both the technical and quality requirements that today’s manufacturing demands. From its modern, well equipped and professional Laboratory it provides a range of metallurgical inspection services to Sectors which include Construction, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Energy, Automotive and Marine as well as carrying out the various metallurgical examinations associated with Welder Coding and Weld Procedures. In addition to performing assessment of metals through such tests as Tensile, Charpy, Hardness and Macro-examinations, Metaltest UK personnel can offer technical advice and assistance for the benefit of Clients regardless of the Sector from which those enquiries originate.


Metaltest UK staff understand that in addition to providing technical support, competitive pricing and reliable turn-round times also remain a significant factor and it is often the capability to turn work round quickly and consistently by which Clients will acknowledge the level of service we provide and ultimately judge us. These attributes are therefore of high importance to us and to that end we undertake to work closely with our Clients, ensure effective communication and strive at all times to meet Client ‘deadlines’ so that we ultimately become your ‘Supplier of Choice’ when metal testing is required.


Metaltest UK holds prestigious UKAS Accreditation for metallurgical testing services, and the Technical team will be pleased to discuss any metallurgical inspection requirement that you may anticipate. Call or Email us now to find out how Metaltest UK can assist you.



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