As a business, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment. The decisions we make as a business always considers our commitment to sustainability.

As an ISO 14001:2004 business, our environmental policy defines our objectives and sets an example to our suppliers. Our products comply with all legal requirements imposed by the EU regulatory framework; and we have always strived to ease environmental pollution, conserve resources and meet the highest quality demands of our customers.

For all our processes, we only use products that provide optimum environmental compatibility and make use of the most efficient technology available. For example, our plasma welded seam is narrow and deep, offering the highest speed and precision, whilst using the minimum heat. Our trained staff and the regular maintenance of our sites help reduce the risk of accident-related environmental damage and health hazards for our employees.

At LTi Metaltech, we currently have a full-time advisor onsite working on initiatives to help reduce our businesses impact on the environment. This has led to our daily ‘Switch it off’ campaign to reduce wasting electricity on equipment and lighting that is not business critical.

Our environmental awards:

  • 2015 – New site EMS certification
  • 2013 – Siemens award, Energy efficiency programme
  • 2012 – BSI EMS certification
  • 2008 – Oxfordshire business sustainability award

If you require any further information, we have an Environmental policy which is available upon request.


ISO 14001:2004

Scope – Environment management system

Bsi Certificate Number: EMS 571822

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