LTi Metaltech specialises in the precision fabrication of high performance pressure vessels and structures in demanding industrial applications, using Stainless Steel, Copper and high purity Aluminium.

Fabrication capabilities:

  • CNC Rolling – welding and CNC Rolling processes are at the heart of our product construction, with our ability to roll between 1250mm and 2500mm with material up to 10mm gauge.
  • CNC Plasma cutting – we use CNC Plasma cutting technology to achieve high accuracies and close tolerances.
  • Laser cutting – our latest 2D flat bed laser machines ensure outstanding economy and precision in the processing of contours and geometries. Automatic loading and unloading of raw materials and sheet metal components as well as a coupled rack system help accelerate the process and guarantee outstanding product quality.
  • Water cutting – new technology allows us to work with most types of sheet metal components and lead the way in water cutting. Our modern equipment and productive staff help provide the best results for our customers. In December 2018, we invested in an additional state-of-the-art Ridder waterjet cutting machine, with a larger cutting area of 8m x 4m and increased high-pressure water pump capacity. We are currently the only UK manufacturer of our type, with a machine of this size able to cut components, enabling us to be even more flexible to our customers’ needs going forward.

Our ability to produce high integrity vessels and structures to international standards is determined by the use of our latest equipment and systems.

Our innovative fabrication capabilities ensure we are flexible in dealing with requests from bespoke high tech one offs to repeatable volume manufacture where speed and cost are paramount.

For more information about LTi Metaltech’s precision sheet metal fabrication and welding capabilities call +44 (0) 1235 834199 or click here to contact us now.

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