LTi Metaltech is keen to develop partnerships with companies who can benefit from our experience and specialist skills and can deal with the most demanding requirements.

LTI Metaltech works closely with Thyssen Krupp, a world leading materials and technology group with over 180,000 employees in more than 80 countries. As a leading global supplier of stainless steel, Thyssen Krupp provides LTi with the ability to deliver high performance and custom tailored products made from steel sheets of different thickness, grade and finish.


Outokumpu is the global leader of high performance stainless steel.


Caparo Testing Technologies has more than fifty years of experience in the field of non-destructive (NDT) and laboratory metallurgical testing.

LTi Metaltech is an active member of the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA). The NIA is the trade association and information body for the UK civil nuclear industry, representing over 185 companies and some 45,000 UK nuclear workers, including the nuclear power station operators, those engaged in decommissioning, waste management, nuclear liabilities management and all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle.


The Carbon Capture & Storage Association (CCSA) works with us and helps transport carbon dioxide and reduce emissions.

LTi Metaltech is situated in the heart of Science Vale UK, the country’s leading location for international science and technology businesses. LTi supports the Science Vale UK partnership in helping to promote the region as a global hub for high technology engineering companies.


The British Cryogenic Council (BCC) provides network for the concentration of cryogenic expertise in Britain.