We have experience in renewables sector projects including Nuclear and the emerging Carbon Capture Storage (CCS). All our manufacturing processes are in line with requirements of Nuclear regulatory standards.


Cryogenic energy storage (CES) use low-temperature and high-pressured vessels with liquid air or liquid nitrogen as energy storage. Our experts believe that this method might help improve the sustainability of renewable energy.


Renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar power both offer potential energy solutions but the unresolved issue has always been consistency of supply and how to store power generated for use at a later date. LTi is able to provide capabilities around an energy storage solution called Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES), which uses liquid air to create an innovative energy reserve that delivers large scale, long duration energy storage.


To this effect, a plant can be fed electricity from land lines which will use the electrical energy to draw in air from the environment and generated through a low-temperature vessel. The heat lost in this process is captured and stored until the discharging stage.


Once the stored energy needs to be discharged, the liquid air is taken from the insulated storage tanks and transported to a much higher-pressure area where energy is created. One heat is applied within a high pressure, energy is transferred through a turbine to provide electrical energy to the required source.


LTi is able to provide high-spec solution to specifications that want to scale up usage of cryogenic energy storage using liquid air, as one of the biggest challenges that face renewable energy. As renewable energy becomes readily-available and grows its application usage, LTi can work on LAES and CES specifications to help provide an increased supply of energy for various purposes.


As members of Renewable UK, LTi are committed to forming strategic partnerships with key manufactures and service providers to deliver high performance and cost effective solutions that meet renewable energy challenges of the future.


As members of the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), we are committed to working in partnership with key sector service providers in delivering practical solutions to help meet the renewable energy and nuclear waste containment challenges of


Alongside our innovation stands our commitment to corporate social responsibility, where we support local Scientific establishments including Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and Harwell.


LTi Metaltech is actively exploring opportunities in the renewables sector to bring its proven skills in precision fabrication and welding to the design and manufacture of high integrity components and structures for use in demanding situations and environments. We are constantly looking for new projects at Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL) and above.











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