Transport and Storage

Transport & Storage

LTi Metaltech has strong experience of providing fabricated solutions to the transportation and storage sector, with links to a growing number of customers that include JCB, King, Dearman and Atkins.

In this sector, our experience of manufacturing cryogenic pressure vessels has proved highly effective for customers requiring purpose-built tank containers to store liquefied natural (LNG; methane, cryogenically liquefied) gas during transportation. Cryostat structures are critical as they allow LNG to be stored at extreme low temperatures, but this also significantly adds to the weight.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to weld stainless steel tanks that can withstand the pressure of LNG encased within a carbon steel vacuum shell for a long hold time, to ensure the safe and effective ongoing transportation of natural gas.

From cryostats and other pressure vessel structures to specialist welding on hydraulic cylinders, we can provide a wide range of fabrication and welding services to the transportation and storage sector.