Award-winning precision fabrication and welding specialist LTi Metaltech claims more needs be done to increase the number of female leaders in UK industry, if it’s to benefit from the fullest breadth of talent available and help drive future economic growth. It’s certainly something LTi’s Quality Manager, Stevie Keen is aware of, having progressed into a senior role with the support of her fully inclusive and forward-thinking employer.


“While my own journey offers a good example of what can be achieved, there’s still much more that needs to be done if we are to see more women in leadership roles, especially in traditionally male-dominated industries such as fabrication and welding. A better work life balance across all sectors could be a good starting point, as the longer hours traditionally associated with higher level jobs, has previously put many women off. Recent moves to address this through more opportunities for flexible working and shared parental leave should help going forward.”

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