The drive into new markets for precision fabrication and welding specialist LTi Metaltech is rapidly gathering pace, following an award-winning year of change and business growth, spearheaded by its new Technical Director, Edgar Rayner.

Having been recognised for its support of Tokamak Energy in its major breakthrough towards fusion energy, LTi recently scooped the ‘Best Research & Development Project’ category at the Cotswold Life Engineering, Manufacturing & Innovation Awards 2017.

Since assuming the position of LTi’s Technical Director in January 2017, Edgar Rayner’s focus has been on upskilling and diversifying the markets it serves.

As part of the company’s movement into other sectors, LTi worked with Tokamak Energy in engineering critical parts for the world’s first high-field spherical Tokamak ST40 reactor. It has also built on its work and relationship with Siemens in the specialist manufacture of the intricate tubes and vessels used in MRI scanners to extend its expertise into non-medical markets. The company is currently working on innovative projects across the food processing, fluid transfer and green energy markets.

One of the most exciting of these is the work it’s doing for a Government funded project on ammonia capture. As an alternative energy source for generating greener electricity and the ideal compound for fertiliser, ammonia is increasingly seen as a vital solution in reducing CO2 emissions and making land more productive for food. LTi’s role in fabricating the pressure vessels involved in ammonia capture has been critical, as they need to withstand pressures of up to 500 bar.The company’s role is reflective of its wider strength and capabilities in meeting any complex customer need. Unlike many other fabricators that only manufacture to a specified design print, LTi will always investigate how the process can be further improved, without compromising the original specification.

Recently Siemens’ tasked LTi with identifying ways of developing innovative manufacturing solutions to increase throughput and reduce production and processing costs. Siemens needed this in order to support its wider brief of cutting manufacturing lead-times and costs on its MRI scanners.

LTi was able to overcome these technical challenges by drawing on its breath of technical expertise and experience. This included the deployment of innovative production processes and the use of fully automated production processing in a low volume environment. This was complemented by LTi’s ability to develop sophisticated integrated tooling solutions. Increased investment in automation and the use of the latest waste reduction techniques has also enabled LTi to offer significant benefits to its existing customer base.

LTi Metaltech specialises in the precision fabrication and welding of high performance vessels and structures.

Formerly part of Siemens MR Magnet Technology, the company is the lead manufacturer of the cryogenic pressure vessels used in Siemens MRI Scanners.